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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Myspace your space.

Lets talk about Myspace. I have been a member for one year and have had over 5000 plays on my songs. It is very addicting for a musician looking for feedback or approval of their material. You find yourself going there over and over seeing if you have a comment. What a person maybe looking to find I'm not sure but I did it. I surfed for hours on end try to lure people to come to my page to possible become a friend. I think it's alot different for a artist than a normal user wanting to visit with friends while your still at work. I have been at times as high as number nine in the state of Texas in three different categories my music is listed in. But quickly slipped down the charts. I'm not sure what made me go up but it was pretty exciting to see your placement on the charts climb. I only will go to Myspace once a day know for about ten minutes because I feel anymore time is a waste. I will continue to upload songs there just because it's nice to be able to share my music where ever I am and have access to the Internet. I believe if your going to try to be noticed you should start with a Myspace account because you never know who my be lurking. I believe you should keep your music and your personal life separate on the web just because you never know who my be watching and somethings should be keep private. Well that's my two cents on that.If you have any questions or would like to comment on your experience on Myspace please comment . I'm always looking for advice and someone reading my find your input helpful also.

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