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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The DoubleODude Show

Hello again. Along with writing and recording music and music video's. I have been working on a project on YouTube called "The DoubleODude Show". I have filmed three episodes and I'm planning a forth. The show allows me to share unsigned artist I have found on the Internet or have seen play some where. Their are so many great unsigned artist out there It's impossible to see them all. But if one stands out to me I'll do a episode to help promote them and show my support. If you have an artist or would like me to do a episode on you please drop me a comment or email me at . It's a lot of fun and I am slowly getting better editing it and the video quality is also improving with experience. It has been viewed 159 times at this point and is growing every episode. I hope to continue to film every week as long as the world does not get in the way. Please stop by my YouTube site there's a link in the side bar and check out a episode. Don't forget to Comment,Rate and Subscribe to it.

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