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Friday, January 9, 2009

Youtube Rules!!!!!

Hello everyone lets talk about YouTube. I have been on YouTube for just a couple of months and it has allowed me to connect with more people than any other site. I started out with a simple home video of me doing a song called "When I'm Blue" and I really liked it and it was easy. So I decided to try to go out of my home and film a video to the a song I wrote called "Drifting Slowly". I used "Windows Movie Maker" the free program that came with my Vista on my computer. Which I am very happy with and recommend to everyone. It is a lot of fun to film but you do feel a little silly outside if anyone comes up upon you. Well I posted the video's and waited for response and slowly it came and I even have a few subscribers that watch my video's and rate them from time to time. If you do go to YouTuber and watch a video be sure to rate them and leave a comment it means alot to the folks that post them and even more if you subscribe. I continue to film and post now more video blogs and a project called the "DoubleODude Show". This is a show I would like to continue to film and either interview unsigned artist or talk about great music I have found from unsigned artist on the Internet. As a YouTube you want to get as many view's as you can and post as many video's as you can make time for. To increase your odds of being seen and getting a opportunities to become a partner with YouTube and share in profits made of of ad's included on your page. It's great fun and the people you meet and get to watch is super. I have a favorite You tuber I think you should look up.His screen name is "SXEPHIL" and I really like his humor. But be sure to drop by my page "DoubleODude" and Rate,Comment and Subscribe.

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