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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello My Name Is Bill - But You Can Call Me DoubleODude

Hello welcome to my blog. My name is Bill Childress. I am a songwriter and a self taught musician. I record at home and I try to sing and people tell me I do alright. I am starting this blog to share in what I find as I learn to record music and video and try to write that song the one that defines me as a artist. You know the one you can retire on. I would love nothing more than to write songs and spend time with my family traveling the world. I believe each and everyone of us have a gift weather it be in business or in penning the perfect song or saving the world. I think we all feel in our hearts what our gift is and It's up to us to pro sue it and try to make it happen. Here is a sample of what I have being doing I hope you enjoy it. It is a song called "Drifting Slowly". It is about growing up and looking for direction. I filmed this with my eight year old son in the woods near my home.

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