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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ebay Studio

I love EBay. I have bought just about every piece of recording equipment I have on EBay. Most of the gear is dated, but if you know what your looking for you can find great deals. I take things around my home I do not use and sell them on Ebay to buy equipment. I find that it helps not to take away from the family budget and it cleans up around the house. You do take chances not have it right in front of you but if you google the gear and read there reviews you can get an idea what your getting.
Today I made my first 5 cents with AdSense. I hope to make lots more but it's a start if you have a web page look it up it may help you make a couple of bucks and it's easy to use. I am enjoying sharing with you things I have found and will cover many more subjects as the days go by. I want to talk about the gear a I'm using and share what it is I'm up to. That's all I have for now so keep coming back and so will I.

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