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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My New Web Page

I have purchased my first domain. I put up a template web page while I design the site from scratch. If you would like to check it out go to this is why I have not been blogging every day but I will return soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Try and Try"

I have been spending more time working on video's for songs written long ago. One of the songs is "Try and Try". I wrote this song many moons ago but it still is one of my favorites. It's about being in love with someone who does not know how to love back. So for anyone who is in a relationship with someone who does not have a clue to how to show there affection back this one is for you. I hope you enjoy it. I am still waiting on my Art Preamp tube warmer to get here. When it does I will fill you in on how it sounds.If you notice I am using my back drop in this video. I think it looks alot better.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Recording On Your Computer.

Recording on your computer is every body's dream right. I have been trying to do this for about eight years. I started with Cakewalk and building the super computer. More Ram more Ram more Ram. Well maybe its your sound card. OK. I'll save for three months and by the mother of all sound cards the one you can plug everything you have right in front of your computer. It could be you just don't have enough processor maybe you should over clock it a bit not to much but just enough. If this is you your not alone. I have bought just about every software I could afford and burned copies of the one's I could not afford and still the same result. It turns out I'm to stupid to operate the dam software. It's the most frustrating thing in the world when your willing to put out the cash and still you cant understand your own equipment. I have looked for schools in my area with no luck. I dream of having the ability of a fourteen old that's posting the sickest beats and remixes I have ever heard but I'm a dated soul so it's back to the digital workstation for now. I do plan on trying it again but it will be after I find a kind soul with a good set up that will be willing to let a guy sit in on a recording session or two. Have any of you had a similar experience? If you have a favorite software let me know.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The DoubleODude Show

Hello again. Along with writing and recording music and music video's. I have been working on a project on YouTube called "The DoubleODude Show". I have filmed three episodes and I'm planning a forth. The show allows me to share unsigned artist I have found on the Internet or have seen play some where. Their are so many great unsigned artist out there It's impossible to see them all. But if one stands out to me I'll do a episode to help promote them and show my support. If you have an artist or would like me to do a episode on you please drop me a comment or email me at . It's a lot of fun and I am slowly getting better editing it and the video quality is also improving with experience. It has been viewed 159 times at this point and is growing every episode. I hope to continue to film every week as long as the world does not get in the way. Please stop by my YouTube site there's a link in the side bar and check out a episode. Don't forget to Comment,Rate and Subscribe to it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blogging About Blogs And What If's

Well today I learned alot more about blogs. I started this blog to do a little self promoting and found there was alot more that I wanted to share. Its slowly becoming a road map of all the things I have done and want to do. I continue to write songs and record with the hopes to hear one of my own on the radio just so I can say I did it. I know in my heart that I'm not a performer but more of a songwriter but everyone likes to be the center of attention. So I will continue to make video's and record songs for anyone who would like to watch and listen. As I learn and share maybe someone with a dream of making music will read this and use it to help them self's reach there goals. It seems to me this blog may be more of a diary of a ageing musician who finds pleasure in pursuing his dreams in the only way he has found that does not interfere with his responsibilities of being a provider a husband and a father. I will always be honest and try to keep the self reflection to a minimum who knows I'm still young at heart there may be still time to be a famous rock star.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Trying To Look Professional

Today I took a step towards trying to look a little more professional. It was something simple but made a big differance in my live video's. I bought a black sheet at wally world and pinned it to the wall. I sat in front of it and sung a song I had written and up loaded it to YouTube. Now I have to work on my audio quality. I have bought a "ART Tube Warmer" on Ebay It's suppose to help warm my voice up when it is recorded. It's a cheap piece of equipment. I will let you know how it works out. Well check out the Video and let me know what you think. If you have time go to YouTube on my page and rate and comment. All activety will help me when I apply for a partnership with YouTube in a couple of months. Thanks and take care.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's All Good!!!

I have been playing guitar tonight I have a Fender Showmaster. I've been trying to learn how to setup my stuff to get the best sound. I'm playing though a Alesis Quadraverb GT which is an older rack effect processor and it is not user friendly in my opinion. But it was cheap and it will have to do. If anyone has any good link's about old rack effects please include them in your comments. I am always looking for something new but older that more affordable. I'm doing more learning about what I have than writing today but did put some track's down. I have to wait till tomorrow to play them again and see if I still like them before I go forward with completing the song. It's a little funny but it works for me.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Youtube Rules!!!!!

Hello everyone lets talk about YouTube. I have been on YouTube for just a couple of months and it has allowed me to connect with more people than any other site. I started out with a simple home video of me doing a song called "When I'm Blue" and I really liked it and it was easy. So I decided to try to go out of my home and film a video to the a song I wrote called "Drifting Slowly". I used "Windows Movie Maker" the free program that came with my Vista on my computer. Which I am very happy with and recommend to everyone. It is a lot of fun to film but you do feel a little silly outside if anyone comes up upon you. Well I posted the video's and waited for response and slowly it came and I even have a few subscribers that watch my video's and rate them from time to time. If you do go to YouTuber and watch a video be sure to rate them and leave a comment it means alot to the folks that post them and even more if you subscribe. I continue to film and post now more video blogs and a project called the "DoubleODude Show". This is a show I would like to continue to film and either interview unsigned artist or talk about great music I have found from unsigned artist on the Internet. As a YouTube you want to get as many view's as you can and post as many video's as you can make time for. To increase your odds of being seen and getting a opportunities to become a partner with YouTube and share in profits made of of ad's included on your page. It's great fun and the people you meet and get to watch is super. I have a favorite You tuber I think you should look up.His screen name is "SXEPHIL" and I really like his humor. But be sure to drop by my page "DoubleODude" and Rate,Comment and Subscribe.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ebay Studio

I love EBay. I have bought just about every piece of recording equipment I have on EBay. Most of the gear is dated, but if you know what your looking for you can find great deals. I take things around my home I do not use and sell them on Ebay to buy equipment. I find that it helps not to take away from the family budget and it cleans up around the house. You do take chances not have it right in front of you but if you google the gear and read there reviews you can get an idea what your getting.
Today I made my first 5 cents with AdSense. I hope to make lots more but it's a start if you have a web page look it up it may help you make a couple of bucks and it's easy to use. I am enjoying sharing with you things I have found and will cover many more subjects as the days go by. I want to talk about the gear a I'm using and share what it is I'm up to. That's all I have for now so keep coming back and so will I.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Myspace your space.

Lets talk about Myspace. I have been a member for one year and have had over 5000 plays on my songs. It is very addicting for a musician looking for feedback or approval of their material. You find yourself going there over and over seeing if you have a comment. What a person maybe looking to find I'm not sure but I did it. I surfed for hours on end try to lure people to come to my page to possible become a friend. I think it's alot different for a artist than a normal user wanting to visit with friends while your still at work. I have been at times as high as number nine in the state of Texas in three different categories my music is listed in. But quickly slipped down the charts. I'm not sure what made me go up but it was pretty exciting to see your placement on the charts climb. I only will go to Myspace once a day know for about ten minutes because I feel anymore time is a waste. I will continue to upload songs there just because it's nice to be able to share my music where ever I am and have access to the Internet. I believe if your going to try to be noticed you should start with a Myspace account because you never know who my be lurking. I believe you should keep your music and your personal life separate on the web just because you never know who my be watching and somethings should be keep private. Well that's my two cents on that.If you have any questions or would like to comment on your experience on Myspace please comment . I'm always looking for advice and someone reading my find your input helpful also.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where do I fit?

I have always liked all kinds of music. Which as a songwriter leaves me with growing group of songs that are from all Genaro's and no idea what my core sound should be as a performer. I listen to everything and can appreciate all types of music. From rap to ska to speed metal to worship. I do find that most of the songs I write tend to be guitar songs. They seem to sound better stripped down with little reverb and that's about it. I try to create a larger sound but it seems to lose the over all feeling I had when I wrote it. So I have learned less is more some times. I not sure if I will ever preform live like on a stage. I have tried two time and a lot of beer was involved and neither time was I very proud of the out come. So for now I'm going to keep writing and hopefully find my sound. I fear I maybe middle aged Emo writer without a chance or hope of ever making it. But I can blame The Cure for that you have to love The Cure. I would love every one's input on the tunes I have posted on Myspace or the Video's on Youtube. Who do you think I am? Here another song and video I wrote,recorded, filmed and edited in on one day in December of 2008. I was pretty board and this song just came to me so I put on a couple of tracks down before I forgot it. This happens to me from time to time Will write a song and record and publish it and never remember how to play it when someone ask to hear it. I have to go back and learn it all over again. I think it has to do with I only get to play two or three days a month.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What Do I Use To Record.

What do I use to record is a question I get from time to time. This is the answer. I use Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio . I bought it used and for what it does it was area value at $150.00 dollars. I'm not sure how old it is but, It uses Zip drive disk to record on. So it's not state of the art by any means. I have to buy the disk used on Ebay because they are no longer sold new in the store. It does a good job recording and has on board effects for vocal and guitar. The only thing I do not like about it is it is hard to edit. So most of my recordings are one take with no edit's which can be a pain if you are not perfect so in turn none of my recordings are perfectly clean. If you do not know what multi-track recording is it's pretty simple. I record a track with a drum beat to keep time. I can rewind and record another track with the first and hear the first track playing along with me. I can do this up to eight times. I believe I will have to learn to record with a computer one day to get that recording of the number one song I'm planning to write. But for a while the old Boss will have to do. Here's a link to learn more about Boss Br-8 Digital Recording Studio.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello My Name Is Bill - But You Can Call Me DoubleODude

Hello welcome to my blog. My name is Bill Childress. I am a songwriter and a self taught musician. I record at home and I try to sing and people tell me I do alright. I am starting this blog to share in what I find as I learn to record music and video and try to write that song the one that defines me as a artist. You know the one you can retire on. I would love nothing more than to write songs and spend time with my family traveling the world. I believe each and everyone of us have a gift weather it be in business or in penning the perfect song or saving the world. I think we all feel in our hearts what our gift is and It's up to us to pro sue it and try to make it happen. Here is a sample of what I have being doing I hope you enjoy it. It is a song called "Drifting Slowly". It is about growing up and looking for direction. I filmed this with my eight year old son in the woods near my home.